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Hi, My self Edward Jenkins. I am working with Business for Sale department. By showing the inescapable waiting of a 'corporate world', his applied fine arts references post-provincial hypothesis and the vanguard or the post-present day and the left-wing fair development as a type of resistance against the rationale of the entrepreneur market framework.

His applied works of art are made through strict tenets which can be seen as freeing imperatives. Sentimental values, for example, 'motivation', "virtuoso" and "credibility" are subsequently killed and put into point of view. By mulling over sign procedures, connotation and correspondence, he toys with the concept of the mortality of a fine art went up against with the force of a short lived appearance, which is, by being confined in time, substantially more serious.

His works address the states of appearance of a picture in the setting of contemporary visual culture in which pictures, representations and thoughts typically work. By applying a wide assortment of contemporary techniques, he makes work that creates different implications. Affiliations and implications impact. Space gets to be time and dialect gets to be picture.

His works exhibit how life broadens past its own subjective points of confinement and regularly recounts an anecdote about the impacts of worldwide social association over the last a large portion of the twentieth century. It challenges the pairs we constantly reproduce in the middle of Self and Other, between our own "man-eater" and "socialized" selves.