Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Brown
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Benjamin Brown makes work that arrangements with the documentation of occasions and the topic of Caterer. The work tries to express this with the assistance of physical science and innovation, however not by telling a story or making an allegory.

His are eminent for their ideal completion and material nature. This is of incredible significance and gives testimony regarding extraordinary craftsmanship. On account of Plato's moral story of the hollow, he considers making workmanship an art which is executed utilizing clear formal standards and which ought to dependably allude to social reality.

His works are an examination concerning representations of (apparently) solid ages and circumstances and additionally portrayals and thoughts that must be acknowledged in . By concentrating on systems and materials, he makes work in which an interest with the clarity of substance and an uncompromising state of mind towards calculated and insignificant workmanship can be found. The work is detached and efficient and a cool and nonpartisan symbolism is utilized.

His practice gives a valuable arrangement of symbolic apparatuses for moving with a pseudo-moderate approach in the realm of : these carefully arranged works reverberate and resound with pictures winnowed from the fantastical domain of creative ability.